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The Famous Five: The Final Adventure.
A tribute to Enid Blyton.

The Famous Five: The Final Adventure is a full length adventure story for children paying tribute to the genius of: Enid Blyton.
The story behind the book.

One day, while browsing in W.H.Smith's bookshop, Hollis Brown spotted a Famous Five book written, not by Enid Blyton, but by a man. How odd. After reading the first page, Hollis was not at all impressed. He spoke to his teenage daughter saying, "Amy, you can do better than this. Why don't you have a stab at writing a Famous Five adventure?"
   Two weeks later, Amy presented her father with the first two chapters of a book entitled: Five Go To London. Hollis Brown was amazed. These chapters were so good; so Famous Five; so Enid Blyton. Hollis encouraged Amy to carry on writing, but Amy had now become a working girl and writing was, for her, a thing of the past. But not for her father. Writing was to be Hollis Brown's future. He collected together the two chapters and Amy's notes and headed off for Haadrin Beach on the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. A year later he returned carrying the finished manuscript, but with a new title:

The Famous Five: The Final Adventure.
Haadrin Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

During this time, the rights to Enid Blyton's work had changed hands and the new owners had stopped publishing 'The Famous Five' stories written by others authors. Hollis Brown decided to write another series of adventure stories for children using his own characters going under the name of 'The Buccaneers'.
   'The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat' is the first book in this series.

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.
To read this full length children's adventure story, written by Hollis Brown, online for free...please click below:
Hollis Brown.
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Why don't you have a stab at writing a book.

    If you enjoy reading books, you'll love writing them. Dig out your very favourite novel and read it again. Now study the first chapter carefully. Note how the author introduces the characters and draws you into the story. Relax in the rhythm of the writing. Even count how many words there are in this chapter. All artists, be they writers, painters, singers or musicians etc., start by studying their heroes. Even the great Sir Isaac Newton said " I stand on the shoulders of giants." Replace 'giants' with 'my heroes'.
   So, book writer to be, think of a story, pick up a pen and write your first chapter. But please, please don't rush. You have plenty of time. The art of art is to always have your present project at the back of your mind. During quiet moments ( before falling asleep; immediately after waking; sitting on a bus...) bring these thoughts to the fore and gently play with them.

   Happy reading and writing.

enid blyton