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The Famous Five: The Final Adventure.
A Tribute to Enid Blyton.


Like so many people, I first became aware of 'The Famous Five' through newspaper and television coverage of the notorious 'Crown Jewel Robbery'.
   Being a writer of children's adventure stories certainly caused me to be more interested than most. I kept and filed away every available article relating to the robbery and especially of 'The Five's' subsequent involvement with The Jewels daring recovery. This was surely the stuff all good adventure stories are made of. Maybe I could use the information I had collected and turn it into a thundering good yarn.
   Unbeknown to me, a certain very important person had taken this line of thought much further.
   One fine day, I was surprised to receive a telephone call from Mrs Williams, The Queen's secretary. Apparently, Her Majesty had done a little research concerning 'The Famous Five', discovering that they had been involved in quite a number of adventures and she had spoken about this to her children. The young Prince and Princess had urged their mother to commission myself, Enid Blyton, to write a series of books relating the adventures of 'The Famous Five'.
   I, of course, was absolutely delighted to accept and it was arranged that I would be at The Palace on the twentieth of June to meet 'The Five' after their O.B.E. ceremony.
   My dearest reader, I cannot over emphasise how epic and exciting that meeting was. A large banquet had been laid especially for us and we sat chatting nineteen to the dozen the whole afternoon.
   During the six weeks of their summer holiday, I accompanied 'The Five' on a magical tour of all the places where their previous twenty-one adventures had occurred.
   Kirren Cottage, of course, and Kirren Island with its ruined castle and dungeons.
   Mystery Moor, Finniston Farm, Smugglers Top, Billycock Hill, Two Trees and Gloomy Water, Demons Rock and many, many more.
   I do hope that you have had as much fun reading about 'The Famous Five' as I have of writing their adventures.
   'Will there be any more?' I hear you ask. Well, we will have to wait and see, won't we.
   Only yesterday I received a card from 'The Five'. They are discovering the canals of Yorkshire aboard a horse drawn narrowboat. It seems that they keep bumping into some swarthy looking characters in another boat. Julian reckons that they are up to no good...

Yours always
enid blyton

The end

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